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Casino Game FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer questions from players and visitors through our dedicated multi-lingual customer service center. To help provide more information as quickly as possible, we've collected some of the most frequently asked questions and offer the answers online.

Please select the category for a list of questions, then choose your question. If your question is not listed or you need additional information, please let us know what you need by contacting our Player Support team through email or online forms. We're always happy to serve you!

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FAQ Table of Contents

Questions Regarding Bonus (Get $500 Free)

  1. How do I get the $500 Bonus?
  2. What are the terms of your Bonus offer?
Questions Regarding Credit Card Verification Code
  1. What is the Verification Code?
  2. Where can I find the Verification Code?
  3. How does the Verification Code protect me?
  4. Is it safe for me to provide my Verification Code on your form?
  5. What if I can't read part of the Verification Code?
  6. What if my card doesn't have a Verification Code?
  7. Will my Verification Code ever change?
General Questions
  1. I am from the USA, can I play in your casino?
  2. What are my odds of winning at the Casino?
  3. How do I know I can trust you?
  4. I have a question about the rules for one of your games.
Questions Regarding Financial Transactions
  1. How do I know the transactions are secure?
  2. Which payment methods may I use to purchase chips?
  3. How do I withdraw money ("cash-out") from my Casino Account?
  4. How will I receive the winnings that I have cashed-out?
Questions Regarding Technical Support
  1. How do I download your games?
  2. How do I remove the Casino software?
  3. I try to login but keep getting an invalid password message.
Questions Regarding Your Casino Account
  1. How do I get my own Casino Account?
  2. I wish to close out my Casino Account.
  3. What happens if I lose or forget my password?