fair casino play

Fair Play

Fair Play

Fair Play is both a philosophy and a science in our Casino.

First, we have philosophical commitment to providing absolutely fair play in every game because it's the right thing to do. We treat our players like we want to be treated: honestly and fairly. Second, we use industry standard Las Vegas odds and game-play rules to ensure that our players get the most entertainment value for their money. Fair play means lots of winners and more repeat business for our Casino.

We also take a scientific approach to making sure our games are fair:
  1. Fair by design. The Grand Virtual software that powers our casino games uses a sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure each hand of cards or roll of the dice is unpredictable and completely random. Thus, our games are designed to be fair from the ground up.
  1. Test for fairness. We methodically analyze historical game data and test our games on a continual basis to assure ourselves that the games are absolutely fair and random.

  2. Audit for assurance. We make our game software and test data available to external auditors and gaming authorities to provide an outside, independent check of our own research and analysis.
The result of all this effort and commitment is that our customers feel good about playing with us. They know the games are fair, and they trust us to keep them that way.

Founding Member of GVGA Assuring Fair Play Since 1997

Because fair play is such an important component of our Casino's experience, we became a founding member of the Grand Virtual Gaming Alliance (GVGA). GVGA was formed to establish standards for operational excellence and ethical business practices in the online gaming industry, and to provide players with assurances of fair play, security and trust. Because of our sterling reputation with players and our commitment to quality gaming, GVGA modeled its code of conduct on our proven business practices.

We encourage players to visit the GVGA site (www.gamingalliance.org) to learn more about this growing force in the online gaming industry. And whether or not you choose to play at our Casino, we strongly recommend looking for the GVGA logo at other gaming sites you might visit. You'll know it's safe to play, when you see GVGA!