Payout Process

Payout Process

We strive to make cash-outs as secure, safe and fast as possible. We offer several payout options, depending on the method a Player used to make deposits.

Payout Process for Deposits by Credit Card:

  • No charge or reduced charge. If you deposit funds with a credit card and your cash-out amount is equal to or less than the original charge amount, then the banking system has not yet settled the original charge, we will process the cash-out by either not charging the card (if the amounts are equal) or by reducing the amount charged.

    For example, if you deposit US$100, place a $20 wager and then desire to cash-out US$80, we will only charge your card US$20 if the original $100 charge has not been settled by the banking system.

  • Full cash-out credited to your card. If you deposit with a credit card, and the original charge has been settled by the banking system, then we issue a credit to that same card for the full cash-out amount, if possible.
  • Partial cash-out credited to card, remainder sent by check. Some banks will not permit a credit in excess of the original amount charged. Thus, if you deposited US$100, then won an additional US$100 from wagers and requested a cash-out of US$200, we may not be able to credit the full US$200 to your card. If your bank only permits a US$100 credit, then we will send the remaining US$100 to you by express check.
  • Full cash-out by express check. If we can't issue a credit of any amount to your card, we will send the full cash-out amount by express check.

Payout Process for Deposits through Western Union or by Wire Transfer:

  • Full cash-out by express check. If you make deposits through either Western Union or Wire Transfer, and don't have an SVA, we will send the full cash-out amount by express check.